The legend of the flying elk goes all the way back to the 15th century. This is the earliest recorded sighting.

*This is an English translation of the original Swedish text.

Valter took one last sip of the black coffee and threw the grounds out over the lingonberries. With his backpack over one shoulder and the hunting rifle over the other he marched to the designated spot, which had been decided many years before.

His pocket watch showed 02.32 AM and the date was October 5, 1822. It was a foggy, cold morning – the perfect conditions to hunt elk. Valter kept a wary eye on the clear-cut forest in front of him. For hours and hours he would carefully scan the open grounds. Dawn was approaching and soon the sun would sweep the land. Suddenly he heard a crash beyond the woods. He could hear tumbling, roaring sounds from the pine forest west of his position. He slowly pressed the rifle against his shoulder and cocked it. He took a deep breath and placed his cheek against the stock. He could finally see the antlers between the trees in the distant.

It was the mightiest antlers he had seen in his 61-year-old life. The famous tunnel vision occurred as he hugged the trigger with his index finger. He could feel a sting in his eyes as a sudden golden shimmer hit him. For just a moment he closed his eyes and bent down his head only to open his eyes wide again. But the elk was gone, and the old man couldn’t figure out how that happened. He couldn’t hear the animal running from him, or see any traces in the ground. The elk was simply gone, as if the sky had opened and swallowed him whole.

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