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The Flying Elk

The english word pub derives from public house, and it sounds just like what it is, a second living room for the city’s residents.
Since ancient time, people meet up here after work to unwind with a glass of wine or a beer and to chat. The more ale being drunk, the more often the stories told are being exaggerated.

The Flying Elk is located in the heart of the Old Town in Stockholm. It is named after one of those old tales in the forests of Jämtland and man has since the 1600s been talking about a elk with a shoulder height higher than ever seen before, and a crown adorned with countless tags. Through the ages, hunters tried to trap the true king of the forest, but each time the elk escaped the last minut.

The Flying Elk cooks tasty food with true ingredients. The beer is well chosen and served at the right temperature.


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