Courgettes   85

Fried courgette flowers filled with cream cheese, goat cheese, gruyère, chilli, honey and rosemary

Spring rolls   95 

Filled with crispy bacon, duchesse and gruyere, served with a spicy sriracha dipp on the side


Lamb sausage in a bun   95

Served with truffle mayonnaise and both pickled and roasted onions


Pork rinds   80

Served with a spicy sriracha mayonnaise


Sausage platter   145


Panko fried pickles    65

Served with a smetana and honey dip sauce


Crisps   55


Hash brown   120

With avrenka caviar and classic condiments




Schnitzel (only on fridays)   260

Grilled lemon, fried capers, anchovy butter and crushed potatoes, salad on the side


Hamburger   230                                   

Smashed burger with caramelized onions, garlic mayonnaise, crispy parma ham and cheddar, french fries on the side


Fish & Chips   245

Served with minted mushy peas


Seared Pikeperch   280

Served with green asparagus, cabbage, potatoes and “Sandefjord” sauce


Crispy Porkbelly   260

Served with potato puré, honey and apple jus and roasted root vegetables with marrow


Smoked Char   265

Served with a seasonal salad, citronette and espelette mayonnaise on the side


Celeriac Schnitzel   230

Grilled lemon, fried capers, anchovy butter and crushed potatoes, green salad on the side                       


Cauliflower   225

Smoked and honey glazed, romanesco sprouts, cauliflower puré, roasted pumpkin seeds and citronette





The Flying Elks Pavlova   75

With seasonal summerberries


Rhubarb pie   85

Served with vanilla ice cream and elderflower foam


Scoop of  ice cream or sorbet   45                               







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